Nuclear Roundup: 1/23/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | January 23, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

[Interview] US Special Representative on North Korea Policy: “We have a standing offer for dialogue”

North Korea and US clash at disarmament forum on nuke issues

Limited strikes on North Korea would be an unlimited disaster

Let’s get real about Pyongyang’s latest gambit

United States

Most Americans don’t trust President Trump with the “nuclear button”

Trump’s nuclear strategy is basically the same as Obama’s

Tillerson: US may miss Iran nuclear deal deadline

Pence in Israel: “The time has come for changes in the Iran nuclear deal”

Experts weigh in on the US government’s plans to loosen nuclear weapon constraints

Nuclear posturing

NASA pushes for nuclear-powered space missions

State legislators revive debate over nuclear evacuation plans


Europe sees way to save Iran deal by placating Trump on missiles

Russia’s readiness gives it an edge on modern battlefield

China and France hold new round of parallel sessions on arms control and non-proliferation of strategic dialogue

Tokyo holds first missile drill amid growing nuclear threat from North Korea

Establishing a nuclear fuel cycle is crucial for resource-poor Japan

UK offers early engagement on nuclear safeguards

The nuclear war movie that traumatized a generation is back

General Interest

With nuclear weapons, evacuation is not an option

See what a nuclear bomb would do to your hometown

Avoiding doomsday

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