Nuclear Roundup: 1/26/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | January 26, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

General Interest

Closer to midnight: The Doomsday Clock and the threat of nuclear war

The Doomsday Clock is the gimmick we need to think about nuclear tensions

Kissinger: Nuclear proliferation greater threat from North Korea than a strike

North Korea

North Korea could set off global nuclear arms race, CIA says

US war with North Korea would be “really tough” to win, says top marine

Is Russia helping North Korea? Moscow hits back at reports it violates UN sanctions

North Korea’s Olympic unity efforts won’t ease tensions, former defense secretary Ash Carter says

Nuclear war is “lurking like a time bomb” despite inter-Korean talks, North Korean analyst says

Kim Jong-un slush fund “running out” as North Korea tests weapons despite sanctions

Trump administration takes more steps to crack down on North Korea’s nuclear weapons development

The fog of peace and limited strikes on North Korea

Keep squeezing North Korea with sanctions

United States

Soros: Trump has US “set on a course towards nuclear war”

Reyes: Our enemies could use nuclear weapons to create EMP attack

Charlottesville: A government-commissioned story about nuclear war

The Navy may have no way to counter Russia’s Status-6 nuclear torpedo (yet)

Big fears of small nukes overblown

Opinion: The US’s dangerous new nuclear policy

Trump desires extra nukes than US can deal with – outgoing nuclear warhead chief

The world’s biggest non-nuclear bomb just got better

Playing for pits

Hanford radioactive monitoring not protecting workers


Comparing the nuclear challenges posed by North Korea and Iran

European Union countries must push back on Trump to save Iran nuclear deal

Putin hails new bomber as a boost to Russia’s nuclear forces

Russia kicks off flight tests of first upgraded supersonic nuclear-capable bomber

Russian spy ship spotted snooping around US nuclear submarine bases

Why the world should fear India’s new ICBM’s

Abe urges realism on nuclear disarmament

Member states contribute €8.7 million to IAEA laboratory modernization in 2017

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