Nuclear Roundup: 1/29/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | January 29, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

North Korea’s nuclear missiles “most serious and imminent problem:” S Korea minister

US’s Mattis: Diplomacy should impose reason on North Korea’s Kim

North Korea and Donald Trump may be a recipe for accidental nuclear war — here’s how it could happen

This is how nuclear war with North Korea would unfold – step by step

This is how America can stop North Korea’s nuclear missiles

United States

Poll: North Korea is top issue for Republican voters in 2018 midterms

NNSA to conduct aerial radiation assessment survey over Minneapolis in support of Super Bowl LII

Should the US try to deter cyberattacks by promising nuclear retaliation?

Would America really start a nuclear war over a cyber or satellite attack?

The other NPR: Nuclear Posture Review

Only Trump can restore America’s ability to win a nuclear war


Tillerson: US, European allies working on Iran nuclear deal

European Union countries must push back on Trump to save Iran nuclear deal

Trump and his allies are ready to sabotage the Iran deal

“Iran-Europe talks fruitful if focused on regional issues, not missiles”

EU unlikely to get more concessions from Tehran to save JCPOA

Is Japan moving to renege on no-nuclear weapon policy?

Algeria seeks new compensation over French nuclear tests

General Interest

Doomsday Clock warning makes UN high level conference even more important

Nuclear fusion: the end of our energy problem?

A total ban on nuclear weapons is the only path to global security

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