Nuclear Roundup: 1/9/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | January 9, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

North Korea wins Olympics trip, but discord remains over nuclear weapons

Trump and North Korea: the perils of a pre-emptive strike

North Korea likely preparing for new rocket engine test at Sohae

How the Olympics could help defuse the North Korea crisis

BPR Interviews: Siegfried Hecker

Nuclear buttons to peace in a few days? Korea talks are significant but not foolproof

North Korea talks: We’ve been here before and it doesn’t end well

The intelligence community is not solely to blame for North Korea

United States

Federal nuclear watchdog agency publishes government shutdown plan

With nuclear codes in hands, why doesn’t the president get a thorough mental check?

Program goes mobile to detect dirty bomb fallout


EU, Iranian ministers say preserving nuclear deal on agenda at meeting this week

Burns/Sullivan: The Iranian protests are an opportunity for Trump — just not the one he wants

Unrest shows the Iran nuclear deal’s value, not its danger

Separation of powers objections to the Iran nuclear agreement

European nuclear deterrence in the era of Putin and Trump

Pope Francis calls for ban on nuclear weapons

India’s nuclear triad

Key Indian nuclear submarine damaged

Pakistan’s evolving nuclear doctrine

Recent developments in advanced reactors in China, Russia

Russia never recovered 4 ‘nuclear torpedoes’ from a dead submarine

Faces of safeguards

Top Russian nuclear weapons designer Avrorin dies at 85

General Interest

Millennials need new movies about nuclear war, a ninth-grader says

Nuclear arms: Look ahead to 2018 in hope, not back at 2017 in anger

An ounce of prevention…is worth a kiloton of cure

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