Nuclear Roundup: 2/12/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | February 12, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

North Korea keeps mum on summit invite as its delegation completes South visit

Pence raises prospect of talks with North Korea alongside “intensified” pressure

Here’s what war with North Korea would look like

The education of Kim Jong-un

Here’s how US-North Korea crises typically end

United States

President Trump releases FY 2019 budget request

DOE requests more money for nuke weapons

Trump’s nominee to lead NNSA defends pit production priority, MOX aversion

Link to report:

Trump nominates ORNL national security leader to DOE nuclear nonproliferation job

A Pentagon chart misleadingly suggests the US is falling behind in a nuclear arms race

Trump administration hopes to increase American nuclear weapons arsenal

Sandia’s detectors key Russian nuke inspections

More federal dollars for NM’s labs?

Why Congress should refuse to fund the NPR’s new nuclear weapons

Donald Trump’s thinking on nukes is insane and ignorant

Sen. Cardin critical to preserving Iran nuclear deal

Top Democrat’s return sows uncertainty for Iran deal

Here’s where advocates and critics of the Iran nuke deal can agree

Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review and China: No way forward?

Where might Trump go in a nuclear attack?

Who should warn the public of nuclear war?

FDA and NRC pave way for the first domestic supply of the most commonly used medical isotope in diagnostic imaging


Russia and Iran to revamp Fordow nuclear facility

Russia hasn’t disposed of 34 tons of plutonium. It’s our fault.

In US, Israel-Syria border clash triggers new war over Iran nuclear deal

Russian reactions to the new US Nuclear Posture Review

Scientists at Russian nuclear research facility arrested for mining cryptocurrency

No Fukui evac plan needed for simultaneous nuclear accidents: Cabinet documents

China’s nuclear power giant CGN to sell up to 5 billion new shares to fund reactor construction

Safeguarding Britain’s nuclear non-proliferation obligations after Brexit

General Interest

Nuclear fusion could be a silver bullet — and just around the corner

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