Nuclear Roundup: 2/20/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | February 20, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Intl community must work together to contain N. Korean nuclear threat

Progress at North Korea’s experimental light water reactor at Yongbyon

UN chief: Beware nuclear North Korea, back global unity

NATO chief warns of growing nuclear threat from North Korea, Russia

United States

Axios: Kelly, Secret Service agent scuffled with Chinese officials over nuclear ‘football’

Why Trump might bend nuclear security rules to help Saudi Arabia build reactors in the desert

Gordon-Hagerty confirmed as NNSA administrator

World’s most dangerous handbag: How the ‘nuclear football’ works

Trump rips Obama-era Iran payment in tweet knocking Congress, FBI, DOJ

Kerry: It was “strategic thinking,” not a “concession,” to leave missiles out of Iran nuclear deal

Continuity from ambiguity: The real role of Nuclear Posture Reviews in US nuclear strategy

Opinion: The US’s (mostly not) new nuclear policy

US nuclear policy upgraded

Talbot Fisher: Americans prepare for nuclear war possibility

Nuclear weapons testing on US soil is as pointless as it is dangerous


US seeks European commitment to “improve” Iran nuclear deal

European diplomats aim to curb Iran actions, save nuclear deal

Israel, Iran clash over nuclear threat at Munich conference

Obama adviser: Undermining Iran nuclear deal could put US on path to war

The nuclear agreement is ‘the worst deal ever’ — for Iran

Is China really threatening the US with nuclear weapons?

China reiterates non-first-use principle of nuclear weapons at Munich conference

US-Russia tension flares over nuclear arms control now at risk

They operate Russia’s most advanced nuclear-powered submarine, but are left without heating and hot water

How Israel and Pakistan can avoid a nuclear showdown

How a plot to kill Kim Il Sung ended in mutiny and murder

India’s nuclear programme and non-proliferation regime

General Interest

The grand picture of verifying nuclear disarmament: What needs to be done?

Nuclear excitation by electron capture seen at long last

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