Nuclear Roundup: 2/28/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | February 28, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

South Korea urges US support for North Korea nuclear talks

South Korea urges North to abandon nuclear weapons, allow family visits

Trump blames Russia for aiding North Korea, says Moscow undercuts efforts to sanction Kim Jong-un

Trump calls out Bush, Obama on North Korea

North Korea wants to talk to the US. That’s a big deal.

War vs. diplomacy: Did the Olympics help resolve the North Korea nuclear standoff? Sort of.

We now return to your regularly scheduled nuclear crisis

United States

Addressing fears about the Nuclear Posture Review and limited nuclear use

New nuclear cruise missiles could go on the Zumwalt destroyer

Feds say LANL failed to track toxic beryllium

Charles Verdon appointed NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs

Senators say DOE may have reimbursed contractor for fighting whistleblower claims

NNSA wants to start modification for crucial Los Alamos pit facility

Emergency managers are well prepared if a Fukushima-like nuclear incident happens in the US

Curbing a president’s nuclear authority


Saudis reportedly seek parity with Iran in nuclear power deal with US

Moscow warns against revision of Iran nuclear deal

Preventing a nuclear meltdown in the Middle East

A nuclear standard for Saudi Arabia

France wants to avoid Iranian ballistic ambitions becoming “threat”

Japanese fighter jets intercept nuclear-capable Russian bombers near US base

Getting Russia’s nuclear strategy mostly right

Russia’s Lavrov says the US is training Europe to use nuclear weapons against it

Egypt committed to non-proliferation of nuclear weapons: FM

Opinion: The Middle East is marching towards Israel’s nuclear nightmare scenario

China has plan to build nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

Greenpeace protesters jailed for fireworks stunt at French nuclear plant

Chapelcross nuclear site “nothing like the Simpsons”

UN chief calls for new push to rid the world of nuclear weapons

General Interest

In 2011, a Russian submarine fire nearly caused a nuclear disaster

How a sneak attack by Norway’s skiing soldiers deprived the Nazis of the atomic bomb

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