Nuclear Roundup: 3/12/2018

By Jodi Lieberman, March 12, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Meet me in Pyongyang: an interview with Siegfried Hecker

Trump under pressure over chaotic approach to North Korea nuclear talks

South Korea moves to ease Chinese jitters over US-North Korea talks

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy: Trump’s vulgarity gets results — just look at North Korea

Cory Gardner: North Korea must take more steps toward nuclear disarmament before talks

Plumes seen at plutonium plant may belie Kim’s disarmament talk

Trump isn’t the first US President to get a North Korean invite. But he’s the first to accept.

Advice for Trump on North Korea, from a veteran of nuclear diplomacy

North Korea nuclear deal would require major US concession too

Don’t get played: 6 demands Trump must make before a US-North Korea summit

North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and abilities

The one missile Kim Jong-un might test before meeting Trump

The 3 big obstacles to success if Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un meet

Trump is in a worse position with North Korea than Obama was at the start of the Iran talks

United States

Mattis, Pompeo dismiss Putin’s touting of Russian nuclear weapons

Location, location, location: evaluating risks to submarines from low-yield warhead and submarine missile launch detection

Trump’s new “low-yield” nuclear weapon: two bad ideas rolled into one

Injured nuclear workers finally had support. The Trump administration has mothballed it.


Russia releases footage of new “Kinzhal” nuclear-capable air-launched missile

Vladimir Putin says he will destroy the world with nuclear weapons if Russia is threatened

Pompeo: America “safe” from Russia

Why Putin’s nuclear cruise missile could entangle the world in a nuclear war

From the Baltics to the Middle East: Russia’s rising threat

Putin flexed nuclear muscle but the West refuses to recognize a Russian threat

Trump told Netanyahu US will withdraw from Iran deal if demands aren’t met: report

Trump-Kim meeting could have negative implications for Iranian nuclear deal, officials say

Remembering Hitoshi Yoshioka, who fought gov’t nuclear policy from inside

Senior center offers long-term temporary housing, hope 7 years after Fukushima nuclear crisis

Fukushima 360: walk through a ghost town in the nuclear disaster zone – video

Fukushima’s long road to recovery

General Interest

How the world’s inventory of nuclear weapons grew — then shrunk again

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