Nuclear Roundup: 4/19/2018

By Jodi Lieberman, April 19, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Pompeo’s secret Korea trip may not save his nomination, but it could save Trump’s summit

Trump says he’ll bail on North Korea talks if they’re not “fruitful”

North Korea willing to discuss dismantling nuclear program, says Trump official

North Korea wants total denuclearization, says Seoul

Kim Jong-un “very unlikely” to give up nuclear weapons, former NATO commander says

US calls for keeping up pressure on North Korea ahead of summit

How Trump can win big in North Korea

United States

What is US nuclear policy, exactly?

GOP’s Corker: Believe Trump’s threat to leave the Iran nuclear deal next month unless it’s changed

Democrats should give Pompeo a chance to fix the Iran deal

Trump talks trade and riffs on nuclear weapons during a news conference with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe

Rhetoric aside, the US commitment to preventing nuclear terrorism is waning

Could the US win World War III without using nuclear weapons?

Mutually assured disruption: Small nuclear weapons are a big problem


US hopes for success in talks with Europeans on “fixing” Iran nuclear deal

Earthquake strikes near Iranian nuclear plant

Can Israel still count on the “Begin Doctrine” to stop nuclear threats?

Will resignation of key governor weaken Japan’s anti-nuclear movement?

India and China – time for a dialogue on nuclear security?

Denuclearization again? Lessons from Ukraine’s decision to disarm

General Interest

New technology could monitor nuclear weapons

The logic of nuclear superiority

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