A Bulletin special issue on the ever-rising seas

By | May 2, 2018

A new special issue on sea- level riseA new special issue on sea- level rise

The May/June 2018 Issue: The wages of climate inaction: Ever-rising seas

The science behind sea-level rise has long been understood, and a recent study has found that by the year 2300, sea levels will be 8 inches higher for every 5 years that carbon dioxide levels keep rising. Exactly what happens, and when, will be influenced by the degree to which humans reduce carbon emissions, and the uncertain dynamics of the Antarctic ice sheet. Explore our deep dive into sea-level rise. What does “average global sea-level rise” mean, and what are the global and regional consequences when all the ice melts on the far-away West Antarctic Ice Sheet?

Here’s what you need to know:

How much and how fast will global sea level rise?
Dana Nuccitelli

All sea level is local
Jerry Mitrovica, Carling Hay, Robert Kopp, Megan Lickley

Migration and displacement risks due to mean sea-level rise
Robert McLeman

The psychology of Miami’s struggle to adapt to sea-level rise
Galen A. Treuer


As seas rise, world awaits “the plan”
Stephen Nash
Free access


The Soil Value Exchange: Unlocking nature’s value via the market
Jim Blackburn, Henk Mooiweer, Megan Parks, and Annie Hutson

A containment failure: How American nuclear regulators undercut power plant safety from the beginning
Victor Gilinsky


A conversation with Helen Caldicott
Dan Drollette Jr.
Free access


Russian nuclear forces, 2018
Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris
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Coming soon:
July/August special issue on missile defense

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