Nuclear Roundup: 5/8/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | May 8, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.


Say goodbye to the Iran deal and hello to a “polynuclear” Middle East

The US will withdraw from Iran nuclear deal, Trump tells Macron

Trump expected to strike blow at Iran nuclear deal

Majority say US should not withdraw from Iran nuclear agreement

John Kerry urges Trump not to ditch Iran nuclear deal

Trump’s claim that Iran could build nuclear weapons in seven years

IAEA: Watchdog at the heart of Iran nuclear deal

Peter Thiel and Palantir are at the heart of the Iran nuclear deal

Jordan’s foreign minister sees arms race if Iran nuclear deal ends

Factbox: A year from the bomb – Iran deal’s nuclear restrictions

Iran challenge will not get easier without deal with American allies

Why Russia Wants the Iran Deal (Op-ed)

What is the Iran nuclear deal and why does Trump want to scrap it?

North Korea

Clearing North Korea’s nuclear weapons could become a game of hide-and-seek, South Korean official says

North Korea’s Kim wants to talk to Trump about mutual nuclear issues, says Chinese media

Nuclear inspectors would face monumental task in North Korea

Trump mutes his attacks on North Korea’s “depraved” policies

Make North Korea’s nuclear test pause permanent

United States

Nuclear annihilation is sum of all global fears as Trump squares off

House proposes funding boost for nuclear weapons program, Yucca Mountain

Top bidders to run Los Alamos National Laboratory have checkered safety records

Talk to us about Los Alamos National Laboratory — and other national labs around the country


Pakistan finds a friend in Russia

General Interest

Can nuclear weapons be hacked?

Time to ban weapons of male destruction

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