Some cartoonists’ takes on Trump and Kim in Singapore

By Dan Drollette Jr, June 13, 2018

After spending only four hours together in Singapore, President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un already had “developed a very special bond,” according to Trump—which seems to be the major outcome of the summit. Trump apparently sees the summit as a victory for instinct over planning, and claimed that the summit’s results were a great outcome for the United States—even if it looked like he had made a major concession (giving up joint war games with South Korea) in return for the North doing little or nothing.

This can be seen by the headlines alone: “Trump Was Outfoxed in Singapore” (New York Times); “Trump just struck a shockingly weak deal with North Korea” (Vox); “Trump’s Singapore Summit Was a Bust—for the U.S.” (Daily Beast).

Meanwhile, “President Trump declared that North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat, insisting ‘everybody can now feel much safer’ ” (BBC News).

Confused by the distance between the content of the deal, and the president’s claims? So are a lot of people.

The Washington Post did a roundup of how visual satirists viewed the president’s claims, or what it called “the Singapore slinging of rhetoric.”

Publication Name: The Washington Post
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