VIDEO: What Russia’s invasion of Ukraine looks like

By Thomas Gaulkin | February 24, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began with cameras in Manhattan and the Kremlin. There has never been a diplomatic scene like Russia’s ambassador presiding over a Security Council meeting to prevent the very war his own president was busy declaring on television. Antonio Guterres called it the saddest moment in his tenure as UN Secretary General. Since then, the violence of Russia’s attacks—from missile strikes on airports and residential areas outside Kyiv to Moscow police arresting journalists covering anti-war protests—has been made widely visible through individual cellphone recordings posted online. Although not all of the footage is easily attributed to any particular source, we are confident in the legitimacy of the scenes shared in this video. This is the first day of the war captured by cameras across Ukraine and as seen on screens worldwide.

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2 years ago

My childhood fears which have been resting since 1987 became awakened by now. i’m frightened of an atomic war more seriously than ever.

2 years ago

This is just like 1962 for me in October when my dad went to the store and found all the grocery shelves empty. People had cleaned every thing out thinking there was going to be a nuclear war. The nuclear genie is threatening again.