Featured Art: Human/Nature

Standing in the middle of the Weinberg/Newton Gallery in Chicago is a sweeping, lush sculpture made of moss, orchids, and plastic. Monument, created by Regan Rosburg is meant to symbolize regeneration and beauty.

It’s one of several works in the Human/Nature exhibition that captures the urgency needed to act on climate change and imagines a dystopian world where no action has been taken.

The three-month exhibition opens Jan. 14 and represents a unique partnership between the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and the Weinberg/Newton Gallery. Human/Nature is guest curated by Cyndi Conn, a member of the Bulletin’s Governing Board.

Human/Nature includes paintings, textiles, and AI-generated videos from international artists including Matthew Ritchie, Laura Ball, Stas Bartnikas, Donovan Quintero, Obvious, and Karen Reimer.

About the Arts Science Initiative

Art and design can create change: The Doomsday Clock, one of the most iconic designs of the 20th Century, is an example of that. 

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is in the early stages of bringing together art and science, artists and scientists.

The Bulletin will feature artists grappling with the challenges associated with science and technology, focusing specifically on nuclear risk, climate change and disruptive technologies (such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, and gene editing). 

Our goal is to capture the public's imagination, spark citizen engagement, and encourage creative solutions to humanity's greatest threats. 

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