Amnesia Atómica

Amnesia Atómica NYC, presented by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and Times Square Arts, brought artist Pedro Reyes’ inflatable mushroom cloud sculpture, ZERO NUKES, to Times Square May 17-24, 2022.

ZERO NUKES served as the centerpiece for Amnesia Atómica NYC, an exposition and call to reduce the dangers of nuclear weapons, which included a series of public programs and events throughout the city designed to spotlight the work of activists, artists, and organizations involved in non-proliferation and disarmament.

Amnesia Atómica was curated by Pedro Alonzo, who specializes in ambitious artworks in public spaces. Inspiration for Amnesia Atómica was sparked at an incubator created by N Square, a network of innovators committed to ending the nuclear threat.

A two-day Mobilization Expo, organized by the Bulletin, showcased artists, activists, and organizations offering hands-on activities, VR experiences, information booths and merchandise to engage those passing through Times Square.

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Past events featuring ZERO NUKES

Mexico City

The Bulletin and Pedro Reyes present Amnesia Atómica

Bulletin president and CEO Rachel Bronson traveled to Mexico City February 13-15 to join renowned artist Pedro Reyes and the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs in unveiling Amnesia Atómica, a three story inflatable mushroom cloud commissioned to “…raise public awareness, revitalize the once vibrant anti-nuclear community and most importantly put ...
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