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17 October 2017

Time to insert the control rods on North Korea

Siegfried S. Hecker

Cool-headed individuals on both sides can help diffuse the dangerous rise in tension between Washington and Pyongyang.


13 July 2017

The US-Russian teamwork that kept nuclear weapons safe

Siegfried S. HeckerPaul C. White

How scientists from once-and-future adversaries cooperated to prevent nuclear catastrophe.

11 April 2017

When science brought Americans and Russians together

Siegfried S. Hecker

Working as partners, one-time enemy researchers made breakthroughs they couldn’t have achieved alone.

1 March 2017

A visit to Russia's secret nuclear labs

Siegfried S. Hecker

As the Soviet Union unraveled, US and Russian weapon scientists began a historic collaboration.

8 December 2016

US-Russia rift threatens science ties that keep us safe

Siegfried S. Hecker

For two decades, Russian and American nuclear scientists cooperated to successfully avoid catastrophe. Can they do it again?

2 September 2016

Stanford expert Siegfried Hecker proposes a series of nuclear weapons and energy questions that journalists and citizens should consider asking the 2016 presidential candidates.

18 January 2016
AmericasMiddle East

For Iran, a nuclear option more trouble than it was worth

Siegfried S. Hecker

Iran went from steady pursuit of the Bomb in the mid-2000s to a more conciliatory stance by 2013. An American nuclear scientist in touch with Iran’s scientists and officials over the years examines Tehran’s motivations.

7 January 2015

The real threat from North Korea is the nuclear arsenal built over the last decade

Siegfried S. Hecker

The brouhaha surrounding The Interview distracts from a deadly menace to millions that America failed to stop.

1 January 2015

Merely for working in their field of expertise, Iranian nuclear scientists face perils and pressures that are nothing less than Shakespearean.

29 May 2014

Why the US should keep cooperating with Russia on nuclear security

Siegfried S. HeckerPeter E. Davis

Washington-Moscow relations may be strained over Ukraine, but the countries must still work together