Jan Beyea

Guest editor of the Bulletin’s special issue on low-dose radiation risks, Jan Beyea is a nuclear physicist, who, for 40 years, has listened to, and sometimes participated in, the debate over risks from low-level radiation exposure. He is a co-author of papers on environmental epidemiology, including a study of the Three Mile Island accident. Beyea has been a member and reviewer of numerous studies for the National Research Council, most recently serving as a committee member for the completed study America’s Energy Future, and the ongoing study, The Feasibility of Inertial Fusion Energy. He currently is a member of the World Trade Center Health Registry Scientific Advisory Committee. He advises plaintiff law firms on litigation strategy in large, toxic tort cases, where he has watched some of the most prominent researchers in the world go head to head, debating the risks of low-level radiation. He is chief scientist at Consulting in the Public Interest.