Kurt Zenz House

House is the Chief Executive and a co-founder of C12 Energy. For nearly a decade, House has studied the physics, chemistry, and economics of capturing and storing anthropogenic carbon dioxide in ways that will ensure that carbon dioxide does not enter the atmosphere. He has published numerous scientific papers that have been cited over 140 times. In 2007, Esquire featured him among its "Best and Brightest"; in 2009, Technology Review named him one of the "Top 35 Innovators Under 35"; and in 2010 the Boston Globe named him one of Boston's "Top 15 Innovators." Kurt has a bachelor's degree in physics from the Claremont Colleges and a Ph.D. in geoscience from Harvard University. He has also studied at MIT as a Research Fellow funded by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and at Stanford as a National Science Foundation Fellow.