Larry Lewis

Dr. Larry Lewis spearheaded the first data-based approach to protecting civilians in conflict, analyzing military operational data in conjunction with open-source data. He has worked extensively to help militaries reduce civilian casualties in their operations, leading multiple studies to determine the causes of civilian casualties and to develop tailored, actionable solutions: policy and practical measures complimentary to existing protections and principles in international humanitarian law. He was lead analyst and co-author (with Dr. Sarah Sewall) for the Joint Civilian Casualty Study, which General David Petraeus described as “the first comprehensive assessment of the problem of civilian protection.” Dr. Lewis has also contributed to US national policy on civilian casualties and has worked to improve the civilian protection policies and practices of US partners, including the United Nations, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia. A more recent focus area of his is AI and autonomous weapons, first while at the State Department and then as research director at CNA.