Molly Hurley

Molly Hurley has a Master of Fine Arts in Community Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Rice University. From previous work with organizations such as Beyond the Bomb, The Prospect Hill Foundation, Women Cross DMZ, Daisy Alliance, and Reverse the Trend, she has garnered experiences in advocacy, philanthropy, social media and website development, and research. She currently co-runs a monthly column for Inkstick Media with Lovely Umayam, founder of Bombshelltoe Policy x Arts Collective, in which they critically analyze pop culture phenomena and their ties to national security.

In her artmaking practice, she most often comes back to explorations of connection: connections between humans, animals, and nature; connections both long-lasting and fleeting. As a community artist, she believes it is these connections between the individual and the community that, in union, form the basis of both individual and community identities.