Next Generation Initiative

Voices of Tomorrow

In its Voices of Tomorrow feature, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists invites rising experts to submit essays, opinion pieces, and multimedia presentations addressing at least one of the Bulletin's core issues: nuclear risk, climate change, and threats from disruptive technologies. Voices of Tomorrow authors and multimedia artists are eligible for the Leonard M. Rieser Award

Submission guidelines

Current students as well as recent graduates are encouraged to submit work. Essays and opinion pieces should not be longer than 2,000 words; video presentations should not exceed 5 minutes in playing time. Each entry must contain: the author’s email address, phone number, short biography, and school affiliation. Submissions should not have been previously published.

Submissions should be sent to Bulletin Contributing Editor Dawn Stover at [email protected]; only one contribution at a time will be accepted per author. Please see the Write for the Bulletin page for a general description of Bulletin guidelines.

Bulletin editors will notify authors if their submissions are chosen for publication and guide them through the editing process. The published features will introduce the Bulletin‘s readers to the thoughts and research of future experts, policymakers, and opinion leaders as they try to come to grips with serious global security challenges.

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Support the Next Generation Initiative

Generous individuals who share Leonard Rieser’s passion for educating future scientists and policymakers about the opportunities and consequences of technological advances are encouraged to contact Anne Puotinen at [email protected].