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8 February 2013

Nuclear weapons, national pride

The author argues that no head of the Russian state is likely to surrender a tool for international bargaining that is as effective as nuclear weapons. Therefore, the main hope for change in Russia's attitude toward nuclear weapons is overall improvement in the country.

10 January 2013

Secrecy, the last refuge

The author argues that a veil of secrecy around nuclear issues allows Russian officials to hide their own mistakes and incompetence.

18 December 2012

Nuclear journalism in the developing world

Alexander GoltsPramit Pal ChaudhuriDalia el-Akkad

Difficult subject matter. Classified information. Landmines of controversy. These problems are familiar to any journalist covering nuclear issues, even those who work under the best of circumstances.

18 December 2012

Covering nuclear weapons where weapons are the state's main asset

The author argues that the Russian state, because it considers nuclear weapons its main asset, makes it difficult for nuclear journalists and experts to carry out their work.