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17 January 2017
AmericasMiddle East

An Iran memo to Trump

Ariane Tabatabai

Simply refraining from tearing up the nuclear agreement isn’t enough. The new US president should work to strengthen it.

10 November 2016
AmericasMiddle East

Trump said he'd tear up the Iran nuclear deal. Now what?

Ariane Tabatabai

A crucial role for civil servants and US allies in ensuring the survival of a historic nuclear agreement. 

17 October 2016
AmericasEurope/RussiaMiddle East

Hands across the lab: Will the US and Iran cooperate on science?

Ariane Tabatabai

Behind headlines about disagreements, Tehran is increasingly embracing technological collaboration with the outside world. 

3 August 2016
Middle East

As the Iranian nuclear deal loses a crucial backer, is it in danger of disintegration?

Ariane Tabatabai

Iran’s most powerful figure, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, played a vital role in making sure his country’s diplomatic efforts to reach an agreement on its nuclear program were successful. More than a year after the deal was signed in Vienna, though, Khamenei is increasingly distancing himself from it, this week issuing his harshest criticism yet.

13 July 2016
AmericasMiddle East

The future of the Iranian nuclear deal is still uncertain

Ariane Tabatabai

A year after Iran and world powers signed a historic nuclear agreement, politicians in Washington and Tehran seek to derail it as the latter continues to struggle with economic challenges. 

31 May 2016
AsiaMiddle East

Should South Korea be Iran's next nuclear energy partner?

Duyeon KimAriane Tabatabai

The idea may raise alarm bells at first, but the implications of Seoul-Tehran nuclear cooperation merit further study.

19 April 2016
AmericasAsiaMiddle East

Iran issues first progress report on nuclear deal

Ariane Tabatabai

In its first quarterly report to parliament, the Iranian foreign ministry assesses the pros and cons of the JCPOA, and tries to convince domestic skeptics.

25 February 2016
AmericasMiddle East

Why Iran is launching a rocket

Ariane Tabatabai

Putting a satellite into orbit will help unify a fractious regime, appease hardliners, demonstrate technological prowess, and project power abroad.

19 February 2016
AmericasMiddle East

How the United States benefits if Iran's economy booms

Ariane TabatabaiMinsu Crowder-Han

Will lifting sanctions on Iran have the desired effect?

19 January 2016
AmericasMiddle East

Keep up the diplomatic momentum with Iran

Ariane Tabatabai

Implementation Day is a major milestone, but the nuclear agreement’s achievements can only be sustained with ongoing communication.