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19 April 2016
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Iran issues first progress report on nuclear deal

Ariane Tabatabai

In its first quarterly report to parliament, the Iranian foreign ministry assesses the pros and cons of the JCPOA, and tries to convince domestic skeptics.

25 February 2016
AmericasMiddle East

Why Iran is launching a rocket

Ariane Tabatabai

Putting a satellite into orbit will help unify a fractious regime, appease hardliners, demonstrate technological prowess, and project power abroad.

19 February 2016
AmericasMiddle East

How the United States benefits if Iran's economy booms

Ariane TabatabaiMinsu Crowder-Han

Will lifting sanctions on Iran have the desired effect?

19 January 2016
AmericasMiddle East

Keep up the diplomatic momentum with Iran

Ariane Tabatabai

Implementation Day is a major milestone, but the nuclear agreement’s achievements can only be sustained with ongoing communication.

7 January 2016
Middle East

What does the Tehran-Riyadh split mean for the Iranian nuclear deal?

Ariane Tabatabai

A new rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran has deep roots and could empower hardliners who want to see a historic agreement derailed

3 December 2015
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With controversial report, a step toward Iran deal implementation

Ariane Tabatabai

The IAEA has weighed in on the possible military dimensions of Iran’s past nuclear program. What are the implications? 

26 October 2015

Comics, graphic novels, and the nuclear age

Ariane Tabatabai

Comics and graphic novels have provided a means of deep and nuanced thinking about nuclear weapons for decades, raising questions and offering perspectives many readers might still not expect from such a colorful medium.

11 September 2015

After Iran, can the US lead on arms control?

Ariane Tabatabai

The nuclear treaty with Tehran will go forward, but the process that led to Congressional approval will have implications for America’s global authority.

13 July 2015
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After a historic nuclear agreement, challenges ahead for Iran

Ariane Tabatabai

The deal reached in Vienna is a tremendous success, but Tehran still faces economic and political problems at home

11 July 2015
AmericasAsiaEurope/RussiaMiddle East

The missile impasse

Ariane Tabatabai

Why sanctions against Iran's missile program have turned into a major sticking point in the Vienna nuclear negotiations