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9 June 2014

Looking clearly at right-wing terrorism

Charles P. Blair

The threat of far-right terrorism should not be exaggerated, but neither should it be suppressed for political or ideological reasons

27 January 2014

Target Sochi: The threat from the Caucasus Emirate

Charles P. BlairRobert Straskulic

Perhaps the world's most capable terror group threatens the Winter Olympics, which coincides with two grim anniversaries of Russian atrocities against people in the North Caucasus.

27 September 2013
Middle East

A ruinous road to Damascus: Can the US avoid it?

Charles P. Blair

All options in Syria are bad, but some are worse than others—and may require boots on the ground.

22 July 2013
AmericasMiddle East

Lessons unlearned

Charles P. Blair

Once again, evidence of WMD is lacking. This time it’s in Syria.

12 June 2013

Barely lethal

Charles P. Blair
26 March 2013

The thin red line

Charles P. BlairMila Johns

Both opposition forces and the Syrian government have alleged that chemical weapons were used in last Tuesday's attack on the village of Khan al-Assal, bringing to the fore one of the most potentially far-reaching of the many dangers that have arisen during Syria's civil war. Now entering its third year, the Syrian revolt -- by far the longest uprising of the Arab Spring -- is the first in history that threatens to violently topple a government armed with weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

1 March 2012

Fearful of a nuclear Iran? The real WMD nightmare is Syria

Charles P. Blair

As possible military action against Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program looms large in the public arena, far more international concern should be directed toward Syria and its weapons of mass destruction. When the Syrian uprising began more than a year ago, few predicted the regime of President Bashar al-Assad would ever teeter toward collapse. Now, though, the demise of Damascus's current leadership appears inevitable, and Syria's revolution will likely be an unpredictable, protracted, and grim affair.

16 November 2011

Fatwas for fission: Assessing the terrorist threat to Pakistan's nuclear assets

Charles P. Blair

Pakistan has long been considered a potential source of nuclear weapons for terrorists, even before it had a full-fledged nuclear program and decades before it demonstrated a yield-bearing nuclear explosive capability.

1 November 2011
Pakistan’s nuclear assets may be tempting targets for terrorists. Experts are split, however, on the actual threat posed. Some assert that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are on the verge of seizure by terrorists, while others contend that the risk is minimal at best.