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29 February 2016

The full price of nuclear deterrence

James E. Doyle

We certainly can spend $1 trillion on nuclear forces at the expense of other military capabilities and domestic needs, but we may also gravely regret it. 

2 December 2015
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The Manhattan Project legacy: A response to Richard Rhodes

James E. Doyle

Nuclear weapons can provide a positive legacy for humankind only if we learn from them, and on that question the jury is still out.

6 November 2015

The psychology of nuclear survival

James E. Doyle

It’s time to forsake the mad theory of nuclear deterrence and develop a new psychology of nuclear survival, one that refuses to tolerate such catastrophic weapons or the self-destructive thinking that has kept them around.

1 March 2012
While there is no doubt that some information on nuclear weapons must remain undisclosed, excessive nuclear secrecy hinders progress toward the twin goals of improved nuclear materials security and the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide.