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16 November 2016

How to reduce South Asia's nuclear dangers

Jayita SarkarRabia AkhtarMario E. Carranza

A pair of fierce rivals, both nuclear-armed, face off across a contested border—no wonder South Asia has sometimes been called the world's most dangerous place. How can India and Pakistan manage nuclear risk so that danger doesn't become catastrophe?

20 October 2016

South Asian nuclear tensions: Back to core issues

How much US involvement in South Asia is enough? That's the wrong question. The right question is: What concrete steps can India and Pakistan take to avoid nuclear war?

23 September 2016

Different kind of crisis, same need for Washington

The South Asian crisis sparked by the September 2016 Uri attack is different in important ways from previous crises. But the need for US involvement on the subcontinent hasn't changed.

13 September 2016

Three concrete steps toward South Asian nuclear stability

Can India and Pakistan achieve nuclear stability? Very possibly, yes--through joint efforts in nuclear security and cybersecurity and through adherence, in one form or another, to the Test Ban Treaty.