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16 November 2016

How to reduce South Asia's nuclear dangers

Jayita SarkarRabia AkhtarMario E. Carranza

A pair of fierce rivals, both nuclear-armed, face off across a contested border—no wonder South Asia has sometimes been called the world's most dangerous place. How can India and Pakistan manage nuclear risk so that danger doesn't become catastrophe?

16 November 2016

Reality and fantasy in nuclear South Asia

Because of India and Pakistan's nuclear arsenals, South Asian tensions are a problem for the entire world. Washington must be part of the solution.

12 October 2016

South Asia: Beyond crisis management

India and Pakistan will sooner or later have to grow up--that is, they must accept normative constraints over their nuclear behavior. 

15 September 2016

US involvement is critical for South Asian arms control

Now is the moment for forceful US intervention that could help the South Asian rivals create a robust nuclear arms control regime and could save millions from a nuclear Armageddon.