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16 April 2008

Low per-capita emissions: A wealthy nation's goal, a poor nation's millstone

It's true that in places where birthrates remain high, e.g. sub-Saharan Africa, per-capita emissions are quite low. Joseph Chamie and Betsy Hartmann see this as reason not to pursue a population policy to reduce emissions.

29 February 2008

Peaking fuel sources can't keep up with population growth

Joe Chamie calls targeting unintended fertility a "delay tactic" that hinders the immediate pursuit of reducing resource consumption. Again, we want to reiterate that we don't view this as an either-or proposition.

7 February 2008

Curbing population must contribute to solving the climate crisis

With due respect to Betsy Hartmann, we will not "break loose from the population debate." The data demonstrate clearly that removing the many barriers to family planning worldwide--including simply making contraceptives realistically accessible and providing correct birth-control inform

8 January 2008

Already, there aren't enough resources to go around

There's clear evidence that even now, the world's population is living beyond its collective means.