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6 October 2016

Tackling near and far AI threats at once

Seth Baum

Artificial intelligence experts debate the greater of two kinds of risk, but some of the solutions to both are the same.

20 October 2015

Japan should restart more nuclear power plants

Seth Baum

Though post-Fukushima fears may linger, nuclear power is safer than the coal burning that has grown since the 2011 disaster.

6 August 2015

A picture's power to prevent

Seth Baum

The most important legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is in images that could avert worse wars to come.

27 July 2015

Breaking down the risk of nuclear deterrence failure

Seth Baum

Is the world safer with or without atomic weapons?

16 June 2015

Should nuclear devices be used to stop asteroids?

Seth Baum

The pros and cons of maintaining a stockpile to defend against near-earth objects

5 June 2015

Is stratospheric geoengineering worth the risk?

Seth Baum

The dangers posed by global warming are great. The dangers posed by one technological “solution” may be even greater.

2 April 2015

On winter-safe deterrence and interdisciplinary research

It is important that interdisciplinary research on subjects like winter-safe deterrence be conducted. Too many major global issues do not fit neatly into established research fields.

20 March 2015

On winter-safe deterrence and biological weapons

Much of the conversation about winter-safe deterrence has focused on a hypothetical decision between deterrence with nuclear weapons and deterrence with non-contagious biological weapons (NCBWs). I regret that the conversation has been framed in this way.

18 March 2015

The winter-safe deterrence debate

Gregory D. KoblentzGigi Kwik GronvallBrett EdwardsMartin Furmanski Sonia Ben Ouagrham-GormleySeth Baum

A debate on the notion of nuclear winter-safe deterrence

9 March 2015

Deterrence, without nuclear winter

Seth Baum

Small nuclear arsenals or non-nuclear weapons could allow countries to deter adversaries without risking total global catastrophe