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4 October 2013

Bioweapons alarmism in Syria

Sonia Ben Ouagrham-Gormley

In the case of Syria, is the media falling prey to the same biological weapons hysteria that led to the invasion of Iraq in 2003?

1 November 2011

Amerithrax review: Lessons for future investigations

Sonia Ben Ouagrham-Gormley

When the National Academy of Sciences issued its review of the FBI anthrax investigation earlier this year, the press fixated primarily on one point: The report found no conclusive evidence that Bruce Ivins, the Army scientist the government contends was responsible for a series of anthrax-laced letters mailed in 2001, produced them.

1 January 2010
Canada's recent biosecurity partnership with Kyrgyzstan could create a new model for preventing brain drain, showing it has learned a lot from the Cooperative Threat Reduction program–both good and bad.
22 October 2007

Nuclear terrorism's fatal assumptions

Sonia Ben Ouagrham-Gormley

In a casual, often-irreverent tone, journalist William Langewiesche walked readers of the December 2006 issue of The Atlantic through the possibilities and hurdles associated with procuring the required material for a nuclear weapon, transporting it to a safe place, and assembling the bomb. With no ambitions to provide solutions to these questions, his article was a pretext to draw attention to the successes and failures of U.S.