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26 February 2016

On tickling the dragon’s tail

Victor Gilinsky

The moral restraints that prevent Armageddon are flimsier than one might think, because humans have a self-destructive defect. They like to tickle the dragon's tail.

8 February 2016
Middle East

Israel’s sea-based nukes pose risks

Victor Gilinsky

Why it is time for the United States to openly discuss Israel's nuclear arsenal

5 November 2014

Yucca Mountain redux

Victor Gilinsky

The Republican takeover of the Senate will undoubtedly increase calls for reviving the proposed nuclear waste repository at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain. But there is real reason to question the Energy Department’s pie-in-the-sky design for Yucca Mountain. 

17 April 2014
AmericasMiddle East

Did Israel steal bomb-grade uranium from the United States?

Victor GilinskyRoger J. Mattson

Newly released documents on the NUMEC affair add significantly to evidence that Israel stole highly enriched uranium from a US nuclear fuel-processing plant in the 1960s. President Obama should declassify the entire record on the theft.

6 December 2013
Middle East

The Iran interim agreement: An international precedent for nuclear rules

Victor GilinskyHenry Sokolski

Any agreement on the Iranian nuclear program will have global implications that should be considered now.

1 March 2010
It is the story that won't go away–the possibility that in the 1960s Israel stole bomb-grade uranium from a U.S. nuclear fuel-processing plant. Now two former NRC officials explain what they think happened.
17 June 2009

Locking down the NPT

Henry SokolskiVictor Gilinsky

President Barack Obama recently spoke of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty's (NPT) importance, as has every president since Lyndon B. Johnson who signed the treaty in 1968. Yet they have all, to a lesser or greater degree, weakened the treaty, through lax enforcement, by carving out exceptions for certain countries, or by just ignoring it. We have come to the point now that North Korea, which signed the treaty in 1985, is now mocking it.

23 March 2009

Behind the scenes of Three Mile Island

Victor Gilinsky

Shortly after I arrived at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)'s headquarters in Washington, D.C., at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 1979, I got a call from the commission's emergency center in Bethesda, Maryland. The number two reactor at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania had declared a general emergency. There weren't supposed to be serious accidents at nuclear power plants and having to deal with one led to some, let us say, out-of-the-ordinary, and even absurd, behavior.

27 January 2009

A call to resist the nuclear revival

Victor Gilinsky

When formulating its nuclear energy policy, the new Obama administration will have to face the reality that advances in technology, combined with politics and ideology, have made it much harder to prevent nuclear energy use from contributing to the spread of the Bomb. To avoid a future Hobbesian nuclear jungle, the United States and other world governments will need to agree on tougher nuclear controls.

25 June 2008

NRC should allow the public to fairly participate in its licensing hearings

Let's talk about something no one is happy with--citizen and state participation in Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing hearings on nuclear plants and facilities.