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1 March 2015
Global forum

Since 2002, when the United States withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the international arms control regime has included no limits on missile defense.

7 November 2014

To limit—or expand—missile defense

Wu RiqiangTatiana AnichkinaLiviu Horovitz

The United States says its missile defense system is targeted only at countries such as Iran and North Korea. Russia and China suspect otherwise. Their distrust might dissipate if missile defenses were subject to arms control.

23 October 2014

Strategic stability (still) makes sense

The author argues that US refusal to accept mutual nuclear vulnerability with China is an element is US refusal to accept limits on missile defense; the ultimate result is that China is likely to expand its nuclear arsenal.

3 October 2014

Bad idea for South Korea

The author argues that participating in a US missile defense system over Chinese objections would be a bad idea for South Korea.

24 September 2014

No stability without limits on missile defense

The author argues that the Obama administration’s refusal to accept limits on missile defense makes it impossible to achieve nuclear goals such as maintaining strategic stability and pursuing disarmament.