6 August 2015

Decoding the Iran agreement: the podcast

Listen to our teleconference featuring arms control experts Olli Heinonen, Joan Rohlfing, and Frank von Hippel, moderated by ...

24 July 2015

The troubled Nagasaki bombing mission

The Hiroshima atomic bomb mission was a milk run. But on the Nagasaki mission, everything seemed to go wrong, possibly because the entire schedule was rushed: The...

8 July 2015

Yes, a warming planet can mean extreme weather

How can a barely perceptible rise in air temperature lead to more extreme weather? This animated video illustrates how an average temperature rise of .8 degrees Celsius at the Earth’s...

29 June 2015

The science of detecting nuclear explosions

In this animation, Henry Reich at MinutePhysics, a YouTube-based platform for explanatory videos, examines the efforts of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization to monitor the world for...

3 June 2015

Space weapons and nuclear war

Amid tension between nuclear-armed nations, one side uses antisatellite weapons to disable its adversary's space assets. Is it seeking advantage in a conventional conflict—or preparing a nuclear...

27 May 2015

The official Castle

A very 1950s, newsreel-style film that explains what the Castle series of nuclear tests were all about—at least, according to the US Air Force and...

11 May 2015

Listening in on the nuclear underground

A global network of seismic and infrasound monitoring stations listens constantly for underground clues that a nuclear test has taken place. Set up by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty...

28 April 2015

The NPT in review

Why this year's Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference is likely to be contentious 

7 April 2015

The Iranian fact sheet that wasn't

Ariane Tabatabai clears up the confusion about an Iranian fact sheet that supposedly contradicts a US fact sheet on the Iran framework...