Nuclear Roundup: 10/25/16

By Jodi Lieberman | October 25, 2016

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

Iran Nuclear Deal

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, Iranian counterpart win diplomatic prize for nuclear deal

Iran nuclear negotiator cleared of spying charges

Democrats Will Have Trump to Thank for Getting a Political Pass on the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran Nuclear Deal – Debunking A Myth. A Short List of “Negative” US Foreign Policy Decisions

United States


Thornberry/Nunes Letter

New super PAC ad warns of Trump launching a nuclear bomb

US looks for nuclear weapons it can actually use

Debunking: A President of the US Could Order A Nuclear Attack At A Moment’s Notice On A Whim

Future of MOX facility uncertain but optimistic, officials say

On the Same (Nuclear) Pages


Russians Conduct Nuclear-Bomb Survival Drills as Cold War Heats Up

First Image of RS-28 Sarmat, Russia's Largest-Ever ICBM, Unveiled (PHOTO)

Is Russia shipping nuclear-capable cruise missiles to the Baltic?

Russia's Withdrawal From Plutonium Agreement Nearly Approved

Poland HEU Removal: Behind the Scenes

A Dangerous Decade: The North Korean Nuclear Threat

Stop Iran by Stopping North Korea

‘India has capacity to produce hundreds of new nuclear bombs’

Indian and Pakistani Activists Say #NoRedButton to Nuclear Weapons

Fukushima nuclear clean-up may rise to several billion dollars a year: government

General Interest

Making It Happen: Trade Union Movement Backs A World Without Nuclear Weapons

No-first-use: One step toward peace

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