Nuclear Roundup: 12/15/2016

By Jodi Lieberman | December 15, 2016

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

Iran Nuclear Deal

Russia: Loss of Iranian nuclear deal would be ‘unforgivable’

Iran Says it Will Build Nuclear-Powered Warships—But it Probably Won’t

Iran’s nuclear vessel order does not violate atomic deal: White House

Europe Hopeful Trump Will Stick With Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Deal To End? Russia Says US Sanctions Extension Against Tehran Could Jeopardize Accord

United States

The questions the Trump team asks show they don’t know what the Department of Energy does

Trump Energy Pick Perry Pushed to Store Nuclear Waste in His Own State

Why The New Energy Secretary Will Be Crucial To America’s Nuclear Weapons

Rick Perry Will Really Run the Department of Nukes, Not Energy

Lesson one for Rick Perry: The Energy Department doesn’t produce much energy

An Energy Department tale: Captain Perry and the great white whale

Rick Perry, manager of nukes

Rick Perry’s Vow To Destroy The Energy Department Will Now Collide With Reality

What exactly does the Energy Department do?

From Rick Perry, to Russia, with Love

Battelle gets high marks at PNNL, $11.75 million

Valkyrie Robot to Assist in Nuclear Facility Cleanup

New Mexico finds no ‘red flags’ in nuclear dump inspection


The Audacity of Silence On Possible Iran-North Korea Nuclear Ties

What role can Russia play in North Korean denuclearization?

US Could Go To War With Russia, North Korea In 2017, Top Security Experts Warn

In collapse of US-Russian military ties, some experts see nuclear risk

Rising Nuclear Dangers: Steps to Reduce Risks in the Euro-Atlantic

S. Korean Presidential Hopeful Casts Doubt Over US Missiles

Critics fear risk of nuclear attack is increasing as Russia flexes muscles

Dilemma over the N word

India backs incumbent IAEA DG for next term

NSG waiver has attendant risks, govt. tells Lok Sabha

Australia’s No to Prohibit-Nukes Resolution Triggers Debate

U.S. looks for potential issues linked to falsified French nuclear documents

General Interest

Can a treaty banning nuclear weapons speed their abolition?

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