Nuclear Roundup: 1/6/2016

By Jodi Lieberman | January 6, 2017

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world

Iran Nuclear Deal

Kerry praises nuclear agreement with Iran in his departure memo

Russia will host meeting on JCPOA achievements in New York

Top Republican Senator Says Tearing Up Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Not Going To Happen’

Will Trump Repeal Iran Nuclear Deal? Majority Of Americans Oppose Withdrawing From Obama’s Foreign Policy Plan

United States

Exit Memo From Secretary Kerry to President Obama

U.S. Department of Energy: Cabinet Exit Memo

Trump’s Nuclear Tweets

More Nukes? Bad Idea

Trump’s loose nukes talk: Our view

Trump reinforced U.S. ‘umbrella’: Opposing view

Exclusive: U.S. plans to name nuclear reactors using potentially flawed Areva parts

Nuclear lab eases troubled past with good federal review

Sen. Alexander meets with Trump cabinet nominees

NNSA and inter-agency partners conduct radiological counterterrorism tabletop exercise


The real German submarine scandal

Israeli Satellite Imagery Shows Russian Nuclear-Capable Missiles in Syria

Nuclear, missile tests show ‘qualitative’ improvement in North Korea capabilities: U.S.

How to Stop a Nuclear Missile

Carter: U.S. improving ‘nuclear, conventional deterrent capabilities’ to cope with N.K. threats

India’s NSG Membership will Damage Nonproliferation Efforts

Declassified: How India Tracked Pakistan’s Development of a Nuclear Device

Niigata governor tells TEPCO nuclear plant to stay shut

Labour chiefs urge voters to ignore Jeremy Corbyn’s nuclear views ahead of Copeland by-election

General Interest

Bill Perry Is Terrified. Why Aren’t You?

Jeremy Stone, Who Influenced Arms Control During Cold War, Dies at 81

EDITORIAL: Progress toward a nuclear-free world must keep moving forward

Putin and Trump: How to Make Nonproliferation a Priority in 2017

The Case for a Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons

Death Star: Ultimate weapon of mass destruction

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