Nuclear Roundup: 6/19/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | June 19, 2017

A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

North Korea

North Korea: Diplomatic delegation ‘mugged’ at JFK Airport

US, South Korea officials push diplomacy as North Korea’s dictator grows paranoid of assassination

Why North Korea is testing so many missiles

NK hoards operational nuclear and advanced chemical weapons: think tank

“Lousy options” as N. Korea races for long-range nuclear weapons

N. Korea demands S. Korea implement hands-off policy over its nuclear ambitions

Top North Korean Nuclear Negotiator Secretly Met With U.S. Diplomats


United States

Safety lapses undermine nuclear warhead work at Los Alamos

Repeated safety lapses hobble Los Alamos National Laboratory’s work on the cores of U.S. nuclear warheads

The Challenge of Modernizing Nuclear Weapons

The Case of the Missing Numbers

Plutonium pits at core of new Savannah River Site debate


Senate passes measure to expand sanctions on Iran and Russia

Sanders: New Iran sanctions could blow up nuclear deal

EU’s Mogherini confident U.S. will stick to Iran nuclear deal

Iran Provokes US As Kerry Insists Nuclear Deal Made World Safer

Is Donald Trump trying to push for a renegotiation of Iran nuclear deal by isolating the country further?

Israeli Ambassador to US: Obama Administration Created ‘Alternative Universe’ to Sell Iran Nuclear Deal to American Public

Iran calls on US to fulfill commitments under nuclear deal

Is Iran complying with the nuclear deal? For the most part, yes

This is why Iran should play a major role in the negotiations to ban nuclear weapons

On a tiny Norwegian island, posing as bird watchers, America keeps an eye on Russia’s missile program

China’s nuclear weapons R&D attains highest level

First counterterror drill for drone attack held at nuclear plant in Ehime

Plutonium found in urine of 5 workers exposed to radiation

Nuclear power booms in Asia as US scientists innovate new technologies

715 Nuclear Weapons Tests Made Russia an Atomic Superpower (But at a Massive Cost)

General Interest

Can women save the world?

Nuclear decommissioning: sending the robots in

The nuclear weapons ban and the NPT

Revitalizing Internationalism through the Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

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