Nuclear Roundup: 10/24/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | October 24, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Trump says ‘totally prepared’ for military action; North nixes six-party talks

Leaders of S. Korea, Japan renew call on N. Korea to abandon nuclear ambition

Trump’s North Korea Nuke Plan? Nixon Thought of It First

Ted Cruz: A Pressure Point for North Korea

Army reveals plan to develop ‘Frankenmissile’ targeting NK

Panetta urges White House to ‘lower the volume of rhetoric’ on North Korea

United States

The Air Force hasn’t used nuclear ‘alert pads’ since the Cold War. Now they’re being upgraded.

No Nuke Bombers on Call 24/7, But Alert Centers Being Upgraded

Clinton pushes back on Russian uranium deal reports: ‘Baloney’

EPA Raises Radiation Limits for Emergency Responders — It’s About Time

The Real Danger of Trump’s Nuclear Policy Isn’t Armageddon

‘Is There Something Going On?’: On Scene at STRATCOM As North Korea Launches Missile

DOE, NNSA deny alleged risk of ‘catastrophic collapse’ of old Y-12 buildings


Poll finds broad support for renegotiating nuclear deal with Iran

Panetta: Countries won’t trust US if Iran deal is broken

Trump’s Iran Gambit: “The Equivalent of Pulling the Pin Out of the Grenade”

South Korea to resume building two new nuclear reactors, but scraps plans for 6 others

General Interest

The persistence of the radioactive bogeyman

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