Nuclear Roundup: 10/5/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | October 5, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Trump and Japan’s Abe agree to keep pressure on North Korea

A North Korea Nuclear Strike on Tokyo and Seoul Could Kill 2.1 Million

North Korea is testing not just bombs but the entire global nuclear monitoring system

Nuclear watchdog seeks airborne particles from North Korea

North Korea ‘Decoders’ Offer Dire Warnings About Nuclear Program

NKorean workers prep seafood going to US stores, restaurants

Jimmy Carter: What I’ve learned from North Korea’s leaders

Inside North Korea, and Feeling the Drums of War

United States

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Modernization

Finish the MOX Project

Study Shows Public Approval of Nuclear Weapons Usage

Improved Planning and Communication Needed for Plutonium-238 and Radioisotope Power Systems Production

Lockheed, Rockwell to develop airborne C2 system for launching ICBMs

Why Tactical Nuclear Weapons Are Still a Thing

These airmen cleaned up an H-bomb disaster. Decades later, they’re still fighting for benefits.


Nuke deal hangs in balance as Trump plans Iran policy speech

Trump to receive multiple options on Iran nuclear deal: Tillerson

Rep. Connolly: Countdown to zero: The case for the Iran deal

Hibbs: Implement the JCPOA

‘World’s most robust’ nuclear inspection program under fire as Trump tries to rewrite the Iran deal

Trump has absolutely no reason to blow up the Iran deal

Revealed: Russia’s New Experimental ICBM Warheads

Russia Reduces 204 Nuclear Deployed Warheads between March and September 2017

Everything You Need to Know: Russia’s ‘Tactical’ Nuclear Weapons

Radiation from Fukushima nuclear disaster discovered in sand and groundwater 60 miles away

Ambassador highlights Vietnam’s stand in disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation

General Interest

The enormous cost of more nuclear weapons

The nuclear taboo

New ‘molecular trap’ cleans more radioactive waste from nuclear fuel rods

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