Nuclear Roundup: 3/19/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | March 19, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

North Korea nuclear summits planning underway

Top security advisers of South Korea, US, Japan meet over North Korea: Cheong Wa Dae

Asean says gravely concerned about North Korea’s nuclear weapons

North Korean rockets fitted with nuclear weapons “can reach central Europe”

South Korea, IAEA to discuss North Korea nuclear issue

Seoul warns of US steel tariff impact on nuclear talks

Will North Korea give up nuclear weapons? Kim Jong-un “gave his word,” says South Korea

North Korea’s most lethal weapon isn’t nuclear weapons (It’s underground tunnels)

Whose fault is it the last North Korean nuclear agreement didn’t work?

United States

Sen. Bob Corker says he thinks Trump will pull out of Iran deal in May


France urges tough EU approach on Iran to save nuclear accord

How the UK’s nuclear weapons compare to Russia’s

NATO warns of Kremlin’s nuclear threat

Saudi nuclear bomb justifications

Saudi energy deal push sparks nuclear weapon concerns

Saudi Arabia goes shopping for a nuclear deal

Why Switzerland hasn’t (yet) signed the treaty banning nuclear weapons

Japan court rejects lawsuit against construction of nuclear plant

Japan’s latest supercomputer is dedicated to nuclear fusion

IAEA releases country nuclear power profiles 2017

General Interest

The 5 biggest nuclear weapons tests (from all 6 nuclear powers)

News Navigator: Which countries have abolished their own nuclear weapons?

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