Nuclear Roundup: 4/3/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | April 3, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Does Trump even know what he wants from Kim Jong-un?

Graham: Bolton thinks North Korea “just buying time” to develop missiles

China tells North Korea it appreciates its efforts on denuclearization

The right way to coerce North Korea

Seoul must stay on Trump’s good side

Trump needs a piecemeal plan for North Korea

Analysis: North-South Korea talks recall past meetings, except now North Korea is a greater threat

United States

Trump’s new national security team likely spells disaster for the Iran nuclear deal

Why the US undervalues nuts and bolts diplomacy at its peril

Exclusive: On board the “Doomsday” plane that can wage nuclear war

Clouds form over Iran deal as Trump deadline nears

The US military has 3,822 nuclear weapons (enough firepower to kill billions)

Hypersonics in enemy hands are immeasurable threat to America

Hollywood has no idea how nukes work


Saudi Crown Prince: Iran’s Supreme Leader “makes Hitler look good”

Russia’s massive 200-ton RS-28 ICBM will be ready for nuclear war in 2021

Russia almost brought back a terrifying weapon: nuclear ICBM’s on trains

Putin and Erdogan to launch Turkey’s 1st nuclear reactor

Akkuyu: Turkey’s first nuclear reactor site

India and Pakistan are quietly making nuclear war more likely

Pakistan conducts second test of Babur-3 nuclear-capable submarine launched cruise missile

US-South Korea exercise may be part of nuclear deal

General Interest

The global impacts of a terrorist nuclear attack: What would happen? What should we do?

Fetter, von Hippel and Garwin: Nuclear weapons dangers and policy options

Chances for progress towards a nuclear-free world

Video: What do you do during a nuclear attack?

The atomic-bomb core that escaped World War II

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