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1 May 2018

The Panmunjom Declaration: What it wasn’t supposed to be

Duyeon Kim

Why the West should not be disappointed by the denuke part of the declaration

8 March 2018

The inter-Korean agreement and Pyongyang's offer to Trump

Duyeon Kim

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un talked with South Korean envoys, and Trump has agreed to meet him. What should we make of the messages from Pyongyang?

6 February 2018

Pyongyang, PyeongChang, and the limits of Olympic diplomacy

Duyeon Kim

North Korea is making veiled conciliatory gestures to the South, but remains firmly committed to its nuclear weapons.

7 December 2017

Breaking the vicious cycle of the US-North Korea nuclear standoff

Duyeon Kim

Sanctions alone will not solve the North Korean nuclear problem.

15 August 2016

Will South Korea go nuclear?

Robert EinhornDuyeon Kim

Highly publicized pro-nuclear reactions from a small minority provide a misleading impression of the likelihood that the Republic of Korea will actually pursue its own nuclear capability.

31 May 2016
AsiaMiddle East

Should South Korea be Iran's next nuclear energy partner?

Duyeon KimAriane Tabatabai

The idea may raise alarm bells at first, but the implications of Seoul-Tehran nuclear cooperation merit further study.

30 March 2012

2012 Nuclear Security Summit: What it was and wasn’t

Duyeon Kim

This week, world leaders descended on Seoul, South Korea, for the second global Nuclear Security Summit -- a project that started with President Obama's call to secure all vulnerable nuclear material in four years (by the end of 2013). Unfortunately, most of these world leaders did not storm the gates of the summit ready to fight for that deadline. Many walked into a meeting already overshadowed by various domestic agendas and geopolitics, putting a damper on the real purpose of the gathering.

1 March 2012

North Korea: Small step forward, many more to go

Duyeon Kim

For the first time in years, there is some welcome news out of North Korea: Washington and Pyongyang have finally struck a deal. North Korea agreed, for the time being, to issue a moratorium on uranium enrichment as well as nuclear and missile tests, which would help relieve tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang vowed to allow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors into its Yongbyon nuclear facilities to verify the anticipated uranium enrichment freeze.

1 January 2012
A Fukushima-like nuclear accident does not have to be caused by nature. Similar results could be wrought by a dedicated terrorist group that gained access to a nuclear power plant and disabled its safety systems.
7 September 2011

Nature and malice: Confronting multiple hazards to nuclear power infrastructure

Duyeon Kim

Over the past six months, two geological events in Japan and the United States had similar characteristics but very different outcomes. At Fukushima, 40-plus-year-old reactors shut down as designed on March 11 following a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, but the combination of ruptured offsite power supply lines and generators flooded by the ensuing tsunami led to a massive meltdown.