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26 January 2018

Doomsday Clockwork

Kennette Benedict

Neither bogeyman, nor crystal ball, nor actual timepiece: Answers to your questions about the science and history behind the Bulletin’s Doomsday Clock.

10 July 2017

On the prohibition of nuclear weapons treaty

Kennette Benedict

At a time when many people feel that organizations supporting globalization, such as the European Union, the World Trade Organization, and the European Parliament, ignore the needs of ordinary people, the UN, instead, is placing the protection and well-being of people at the very heart of this treaty. Indeed, it was inspired by UN-sponsored conferences beginning in 2013 to consider the harm to individuals and to highlight the humanitarian catastrophes resulting from the use of nuclear weapons.

24 May 2016

Let Hiroshima guide us back to nuclear basics

Kennette Benedict

We knew within a year of the US atomic bombings of Japan how to rein in atomic dangers, but we still haven’t taken all the right steps.

19 April 2016

At Hiroshima, lay plans for a nuclear-weapon-free world

Kennette Benedict

President Obama won’t see his disarmament vision fulfilled while in office, but he can take steps so that future generations do.

22 October 2015

Time to limit all those other weapons, too

Kennette Benedict

Following the Iran nuclear deal, there’s never been a better moment to move towards general and complete disarmament.

9 August 2015

The legacy of Hiroshima: Nuclear tyranny or democracy?

Kennette Benedict

The legacy of democratic determination is a gift from the Manhattan Project scientists’ habit of openness and their faith in democratic action. This is a legacy worth cherishing and deepening as we seek a world free of nuclear weapons.

4 December 2014

Should governments be allowed to endanger their citizens by keeping nuclear weapons?

Kennette Benedict

The United Nations’ “responsibility to protect” should apply to the nuclear threat, just as it does to other humanitarian perils

30 September 2014
AmericasEurope/RussiaMiddle East

The seeds of failure in Syria and Ukraine were planted long ago

Kennette Benedict

If the United States had developed post-Cold War institutions, it wouldn’t be flailing on foreign policy the way it is today

7 August 2014

How did we get from trade disputes in Ukraine to nuclear threats in Severodvinsk?

Kennette Benedict

Moving past the Ukraine crisis will require a mindset rare among national leaders. It is a mindset capable of seeing connections, patterns, and dynamic systems, one with a sightline extending into the future beyond the next political election, and into the past as seen by others who experienced it.

10 April 2014

The US nuclear weapons complex needs a new role

Kennette Benedict

The old system is broken. What’s next?