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7 June 2016
Europe/RussiaMiddle East

Russia’s chemical terrorism proposal: Red herring or useful tool?

Oliver MeierRalf Trapp

Russia’s proposal to create yet another international treaty dealing with chemical and biological weapons doesn’t seem to properly address existing problems and runs the risk of creating fragmentation and legal uncertainties.

2 July 2008

The expanding range of biowarfare threats

Alan PearsonJonathan B. TuckerPal AasRalf Trapp

Scientists are developing new substances at the cross section of biology and chemistry--such as peptide bioregulators--that could be used to incapacitate and kill.

6 March 2008

What's the difference between prohibited and permitted chemical agents?

The title of Jonathan Tucker's article could easily have been "the body's own chemical weapons." I'm making this point to highlight the convergence between biology and chemistry--a development whose implications for arms control needs further study.