Mariana Bernardi Bif

Mariana Bif is a Research Specialist at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. She earned her PhD degree in ocean sciences from the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (RSMAS). She has been working in the chemical oceanography field for over a decade, since she was an undergraduate and then a masters student in oceanography back in her birth country Brazil. Her research focuses on the interaction between marine microbial communities and the environment and how this interaction modifies local marine biogeochemistry with feedback on organic carbon production, consumption, and export to the deep ocean. She has over 150 days of sea-going experience, and participated in several NOAA cruises and CLIVAR GO-SHIP surveys. She has used data from Biogeochemical Argo floats and cruises to understand carbon and nutrient fluxes in the Northeast Pacific Ocean, including how warming events modify these fluxes. She has currently extended her work to the global scale, developing methodologies to quality control bio-optical data collected from floats to better constrain the carbon cycle. Additionally, she has been an invited speaker by several organizations and institutions such as NOAA, University of California Santa Cruz, University of South Carolina, and the U.S. CLIVAR Panel. She is also part of the novel dissolved organic matter (DOM) database group that is compiling global dissolved organic matter data from cruises in order to facilitate the open-access of high-quality datasets.