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11 April 2014

The hubris of Fukushima and Chernobyl

Dan Drollette Jr

A new report suggests the Fukushima disaster is unlikely to pose Chernobyl-scale health risks. But both accidents had major environmental and social effects, and they share an underlying cause: a belief in nuclear infallibility.

2 April 2014

The Bulletin's authoritative climate change coverage—from 1978

Dan Drollette Jr

One of the earliest uses of "climate change" in a general interest publication

19 March 2014

History seldom repeats itself but sometimes rhymes—with Crimea

Dan Drollette Jr

Eerie premonitions of the Crimean crisis in the Bulletin's past coverage of Ukraine.

18 February 2014

Nuclear terrorism: An old worry made new

Dan Drollette Jr

Decades before Sochi, the Bulletin had concern that terrorists might obtain nuclear material. 

5 February 2014
Middle East

Chemical weapons: Dangerous, but ineffective in combat

Dan Drollette Jr

Libya and Syria built huge chemical weapons caches—even though, as history shows, chemical weapons have been largely useless on the battlefield