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12 July 2016

China ignores international tribunal—as expected

John Mecklin

The Permanent Court of Arbitration rejected Beijing's vast territorial claims in the South China Sea—and Beijing rejected the court's ruling, as major powers often have done

9 July 2016

A UK nuclear vote, as Brexit looms

John Mecklin

Britain's lame duck prime minister announces he will seek a parliamentary vote on renewing the UK's nuclear-missile-bearing submarine fleet, Reuters reports.

21 June 2016

End of the Diablo Canyon era?

John Mecklin

What does the proposed closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant mean for California, and nuclear power in general?

3 May 2016

In this interview, former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul discusses US–Russian relations and how they might be improved, given Russian President Vladimir Putin’s suspicious views of US intentions.

27 March 2016

A Nuclear Security Summit primer

John Mecklin

A quick guide to some of our coverage in the run up to the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit

10 March 2016
AmericasAsiaEurope/RussiaMiddle East

Fukushima, five years on

John Mecklin

Experts provide their views on the meaning of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, five years after the earthquake and tsunami that caused it.

8 March 2016

The psychological impact of climate change

John Mecklin

You'd be crabby, too, if you had to live in a warming ocean.

3 March 2016

In an interview, former covert CIA operations officer Valerie Plame speaks with Bulletin editor-in-chief John Mecklin about how millennials can be encouraged to become active in dealing with the threat posed by nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation.

3 March 2016
Global forum

Last year, researchers in artificial intelligence and robotics released an open letter, endorsed by high-profile individuals such as Stephen Hawking, calling for “a ban on offensive autonomous weapons beyond meaningful human control.” The letter echoed arguments – made since 2013 by the Campaign

2 January 2016
Middle East

In an interview with Bulletin editor John Mecklin, United Arab Emirates envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency Hamad Alkaabi speaks about his country’s views on the 2015 nuclear deal between six world powers and Iran, whether the Iranian agreement could cause the UAE to reconsider its pr