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26 August 2015

Fukushima today: A first-person account from the field and the conference table

Subrata Ghoshroy

Because of Fukushima, some Japanese scientists who had been proponents of nuclear energy now oppose it.

18 May 2015

Navy's new laser weapon: Hype or reality?

Subrata Ghoshroy

Despite some stunning video, things may not be what they seem

1 May 2015

After spending 674 days in space, the military space plane known as the X-37B returned to Earth in October 2014. But no one really knows what its purpose was, or what it had been doing all that time, leading to all kinds of guessing in the popular press.

29 July 2014
Middle East

Israel’s Iron Dome: a misplaced debate

Subrata Ghoshroy

Americans are focusing on the wrong problem

13 December 2012

Iron Dome: Behind the hoopla, a familiar story of missile-defense hype

Subrata Ghoshroy

Since an Israeli-Hamas ceasefire was announced in November, Israel's Iron Dome system has been hailed as proof that missile defense has emerged from the realm of the theoretical and assumed the status of a real battlefield weapon. It's also been called a game changer for the Israel-Palestine conflict. The verdict is in, crowed Max Boot, a defense expert at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York: "Missile defense works."

20 December 2011

Restructuring defense R&D

Subrata Ghoshroy

In view of the United States' massive budget deficits, there is growing, bipartisan recognition that the current level of defense spending -- about $700 billion per year -- is no longer sustainable. The Obama administration has made a variety of proposals to reduce the defense budget; cuts to big-ticket weapons programs like the F-22 or the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter are routinely mentioned.

9 November 2011

Coming not so soon to a theater near you: Laser weapons for missile defense

Subrata Ghoshroy

Once upon a time not so long ago, glossy posters, press releases, and other public relations materials flooded congressional offices and newsrooms inside Washington's Beltway, touting the futuristic antimissile project known as the Airborne Laser (ABL). The publicity campaign included an artist's rendition of a Boeing 747, modified so a reddish laser beam shot from its nose turret. As if they were publicizing a blockbuster movie, ABL posters carried the words "Coming soon to a theater near you."

1 November 2011
Mounted in an adapted Boeing 747, the Airborne Laser (ABL) was to be a dream antimissile weapon, acquiring the trajectory of a Scud or other theater-range ballistic missile, pointing a high-power laser beam precisely at a certain area of the fast-moving target, and holding it there unti