Nuclear Roundup: 3/5/2018

By Jodi Lieberman | March 5, 2018

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

South Korea delegation meets Kim in Pyongyang before historic talks

Kim Jong-un hosts dinner for South Korean officials in Pyongyang

NK says US “should not misjudge” its intention after Trump’s Gridiron remarks

US official says North Korea is making progress on missile guidance

50 people in North asked about nuclear program

“N. Korea raked in up to $200 million last year from cryptocurrencies”: US expert

United States

Poll: Americans list North Korea, cyberterrorism as top threats

US nuclear posturing has adversaries gearing up, not standing down

Should the president have sole authority to launch a nuclear attack?

The Cold War’s toxic legacy: Costly, dangerous cleanups at atomic bomb production sites


Trump, May call Putin’s statements on Russia’s nuclear arsenal “irresponsible”

Kraken? Russians get mythical in contest to name nuclear weapons

Meet Russia’s monster Oscar-class nuclear attack submarines. They kill aircraft carriers.

Theatrics or threat? Putin leans on nuclear hysteria to mask insecurity

Threat assessment: Potemkin Putin versus the US Nuclear Posture Review

Collapse of Iran nuclear deal would be “great loss”, IAEA tells Trump

France’s Le Drian in Tehran to save nuclear deal from Trump

Analysis: How Iran deal aided the regime’s bid for hegemonic control

Iran prepared for US withdrawal from nuclear deal: Envoy

As the US takes the leash off nuclear weapons, how will China react?

Lux satellite maker’s nuclear weapons background

General Interest

Which countries have nuclear missiles?

Common bricks can be used to detect past presence of uranium, plutonium

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