New nuclear flashpoints

By Private: Janice Sinclaire | May 22, 2019

National Security Adviser John Bolton standing behind President Trump in April. Photo credit: Getty Images National Security Adviser John Bolton standing behind President Trump in April. Photo credit: Getty Images

Over the last couple of weeks, tensions between the United States and Iran have flared and subsided, only to be reignited over the weekend as President Trump issued tweets seeming to threaten Iran’s very existence. And although many experts believe there is broad consensus in Iran that the benefits of staying in the nuclear deal negotiated in 2015 outweigh the costs of leaving, comments from the Iranian goverment this week led Bulletin columnist Ariane Tabatabai to observe that “we may be facing Iranian violations soon.”

Then there is North Korea, which tested a new “tactical guided weapon” in mid-April and fired short-range ballistic missiles in early May. “For the first time,” write Duyeon Kim and Melissa Hanham, “Washington, Pyongyang, and Seoul are reading from the same script and agree on one thing: these missiles ought not to be called ‘missiles.’ Instead, they are being named ‘projectiles’ and ‘rockets.'” But “[A] small missile is a small missile until it starts a great big nuclear war.” Keep coming back to our nuclear risk coverage to get the latest analysis on these and other nuclear risk flashpoints.

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